Moringa Leaf Powder 1kg


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Moringa Leaf Power (The Real Super food)

This is extracted and grounded moringa Leaves into powder. It is raw, organic and gluten – free.

Just add warm water and drink! You are good to go!

Benefits of Moringa leaf Powder

1 Best immune booster
2.Rich in Vitamin E
3. Enhances mental clarity
4.Best Natural energy booster
5.Boost stamina
6. Control diabetes
7. Controls blood pressure
8.Detoxifies the Body
9. Organic in nature
10.Aids weight loss
11. Delays premature aging
12.Aids thyroid disorder
13. Richin anti-oxidants
14. Stabilises hormonal imbalances
15. Improves sleep
16. Normalises blood suger
17. Eliminates constipation
18 It improves digestion
19. Normalises blood pressure
20. Promoter of Libido
Slogan : “Get Fit & Healthy ; Take Moringa Now”


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