Kardli Multi-function Electrolytic Water


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Multi-function electrolytic water
This is a new clean product produced by electrolysis using the newly
patented technology in Japan, which mainly contains water. Featuring
in multi-function, high effectiveness, water and time saving,
environment-friendly usage and safety, this product can be used to
remove oil stain, pesticide residue, strange smells, kill bacteria and
absorb formaldehyde etc.

Anti-bacteria principle
Most bacteria can only survive under 5-8.5 pH environment. Our product is a kind of strong alkaline
water, whose pH value stands in 13.0 or above, thus it can kill bacteria effectively.
Absorption principle
Reacted with multi-function electrolytic water, formaldehyde and hydrogen sulfide will be broken down to
carbon dioxide, water and carbonhydrates, which are harmless substances to human body.
Stain removal principle
Multi-function electrolytic water contains activated water with small molecule size. It can dissolve oil
stains and remove them from the surfaces for its super strong penetration ability and activated stain
removal power.
Deodorizing principle
Our product can absorb and break down the smelly substances in air, including ammonia,
trimethylamine, methylthio and styrene. Thus it can remove strong smells effectively.

Exclusive feature of multi-function electrolytic water
Multi-function electrolytic water is a kind of alkaline water produced by patented electrolysis. It features in high
activeness, penetration and none-corrosion.
The product is colorless and tasteless. No foam will be produced when removing the stains. No need to wash off
with huge amount of water after cleaning.
pH value stands above 13.0 constantly. Good light and thermal stability.
Pure water is the main material of the product without any surfactant; the product is of high safety and no poison,
which will not result in environmental pollution.
The product can be used to remove the oil stains in the kitchen, kill the bacteria and acarid in the towels and covers,
remove the pesticide residue, absorb the formaldehyde of newly-decorated rooms, remove the strong smells of
toilets and boots and clean your watches, ornaments and electronic devices.


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