ILife Original Ecological Bamboo Fiber Kitchen Towel


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Product features:

1.No toxic or harmful substances, pure natural, environment friendly. You can use our product safely.
2.No dust or scrap. No matter how hard you pull the tissue, our product will not produce the dust around. You can
take it with you as it is useful and elegant.
3.Saving and durable. Our product can survive hard pulls when using and won’t stick to your skin when you wipe
your sweat. Thus it can be used repeatedly. You would consume two rolls of other tissue while you would consume
just one roll of our product as our product is saving and effective.
4.Great water absorbing capacity and fine material. Wet bamboo fiber tissue can be reused as the same after
being dried. It won’t break easily and is soft and comfortable like silk.
5.Safe and healthy. The nature of the bamboo fiber remains within our product, making it a fine one without
pollution to environment or any harm to human body. As a environment friendly, low carbon emission, healthy, safe
and comfortable tissue, our product is healthier and safer.

Product advantage:

Contains a bamboo fiber named Zhukun
Function of Zhukun: natural prevention from acarid, bugs and stinks. Anti-bacteria rate could reach 75% within 24h.
Stay in its natural color without bleaching, natural and non-allergic.
Extra thick with 3 layers. Durable, resilient and absorbing with all the added layers.

Item Location: Accra


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