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Tiens beneficial capsules are a health care food supplemental composed of carotene, Gynostemma, Glycosides, Theopolyphenol and Vitamin C, prepared through meticulous process of modern technology. TIENS beneficial capsules are at multipurpose health care supplements especially for people living under anoxic environment as it can remove free radicals in patients with sequel or carbon monoxide poisoning. These capsules can help to extend the capacity of one’s lungs therefore increasing oxygen intake, for people working in an environment with automobiles , aeroplanes or steamships over an extended period of time these tablet’s are especially important.

Functional studies performed by the health control organisation authorised by the ministry of public health in China showed that TIENS beneficial capsules have the health care functions of increasing the tolerance of anoxia. Administration of this health care product provide a health, care effect against anoxia of the myocardium, chest distress, agnina pectoris and arrhythmia.

Main Benefits
– Anti- inflammatory; assist with cardiovascular functions; combating fatigue; increase stamina; assist with cardiovascular functions ; combating bad breath and improving memory.
– Build the immune system
– works on the lungs and hearth fight disease attacking these parts
– stronger than Ginseng
– Useful for stroke

Suitable for :
– Diabetes;
– those who concern about their immune system
– people with cardiovascular problems.



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