NAAQDEO Group Empire Ltd.


NAAQDEO Group Empire Ltd is owned by a Ghanaian young entrepreneur. It is register with the Registrar General’s Department of Ghana since 2017. The company mandates itself with a couple of the services within the consultancy space and in the industrial space with cosmetic products.

The company’s activities outlined;




                  Digital Marketing


                  Web Development/Management

                                                -E- learning


                                                -Regular website (e.g. Church, School & Business)

                                                -Web Mastering Training


                  Courier/Delivery Consultancy

                  Project Management


Lizop Naturals Liquid Soap



To serve and also assist millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa with new age technological ways of making their business better while aiding then with household needs as well.



To be one Africa’s best company that passionately about contributing immensely to the economic growth of Africa while giving back to society.


NAAQDEO Consult Detailed


NAAQDO CONSULT is consulting company that focuses on serving the comprehensive needs of businesses in the full range of the business cycle.  The Consult source for required experienced professionals where need be and approach most consultation using project management principles. NAAQDEO Consult will be able to offer a more balanced quality service to your satisfaction. 

NAAQDEO Consult is blessed with Knowledge in the following specialization; Web Development & Management (Ecommerce/Regular website/Web Mastering/ E- learning) Courier/Delivery Consultancy and Digital Marketing. Hence, we are ready to assist our clients in need of support from any of this skills listed above.

Our main focus is on start-up businesses, preferably those in the earlier stages of operations (Small and mid-sized businesses). We prefer to establish a relationship with a younger operation and continue to nurture that relationship over the long term.



For us at NAAQDEO Consult, web design comes in three forms as indicated above Regular website, Ecommerce website and E-learning website as elaborated below;

Ecommerce (online Retailing)

Online retailing is gradually becoming the order of the day. It has become relevant because the working class are gets busier yet want to have a balance life. Hence, they prefer to have their needed items selected online and have them delivered to their door step. This has caused a demand for the online retailing industry. Our purpose is to give proper coaching to people who are interested in this industry from “ZERO” to having a full blown functioning website. Example;



E-learning website is web/virtual platform on which schools can use in teaching their student with have a teacher present. There are a lot of advantages with this 1. Students can do self-education 2. Saves the school from building new facilities 3. Students can learn at their convenience. Hence, what we do is to assist your noble institution with a robust time-tested E-Learning Management System Solution to reach a wider student population than currently what the physical campus is able to provide would-be learners. The implementation of an E-Learning System Management Solution will bring about effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of education programs and also expand the intake of prospective learners who by virtue of time constraint and distance have hitherto been cut off from access to quality programs offered by your noble institution. Example;

Regular Website

With regards to NAAQDEO Consult a regular website is a website designed to give out information about an institution. In more recent times, people disregard the validity of a company without a website. Hence, it has become paramount the company, schools and even churches to have website. Having a website as an institution will aid people all over the globe with access to interest be able to know about what you do and can create business leads. Example;

Web Mastering

Web Mastering is becoming a portfolio recently as websites troop in day in and day out. To be able to have your website functioning and well-presented both at the front and the back end; you need a highly intelligent individual to handle that. We, as a consulting company assist your people with the required skills as well others who are interested in this new Job. Send in your application and let have them trained to be able to manage your website efficiently and effectively.

Courier/Delivery Consultancy

People in recent times are becoming more conscious on the use of their time and would want to relay some of their duties to courier organization. But running a courier company required some etiquettes that need to be applied to get a smooth way of operation. It requires a strong operational chain and as the saying goes “a chain is as good at it weakest point”. Let us help put you above your competitor in some few months of operations using our unique courier formula. 

Digital Marketing

The traditional media is just overly expensive for a young company to put it products out there. Digital Media had come to save such companies from all that Stress. Let us train your Digital/social media personnel how to use the right contents and techniques by which your company can advertise using the digital tools and convert ads into sales.


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