What is Selling on
Selling on africamums is to enables  mothers  in businesses and any other person(vendor) to sell their products and inventory on our digital marketplace.

Who can sell on
 Must be an African- Being a mother is a plus
 Must have products or services to sell
 Must have a an email account (we can create one for you if you don’t have but you would to learn how to use it)
 Must have a mobile money or Bank Account

Why should I sell on
The answer to this question is obvious, there are millions of customers hovering over the internet to find something to buy. This will also help you save money on building your own website and I bet you the advertising cost associated with it. Again, the beauty of selling on is to empower women financially.

Can my product appear on all the categories?
Some products may fit one or two categories but one product cannot fit all categories. Visibility of product will be assured because the website will go on frequent revamp weekly.
What products or services can I sell on
Any products within the legal frames of Africa and your country to be specific. However, prescription drugs can not be sold on

Do you offer fraud protection?
Yes. payment fraud protection helps you eliminate fraudulent orders for your products.

What is Customer-Client Guarantee?
The main aim of is to build a vast database of satisfied customers who trust the sellers on this website. Hence, customer-client guarantee is instituted to deal with issues such as customers who never receive the products or go a different thing far from what the customer requested. The customer will be asked to contact the seller directly and if prove futile then will reimburse the customer at the expense of the client or seller.

How do get to sell my product on
 Fill the Vendors registration form on the website.
 Vendor read the Terms and conditions and agree.
 Upon agreement vendor can go ahead and have their photos uploaded but if they can not, they can send photos of the products or services and price list to Africamums via whatsApp 
 Products or Services Uploads are done
 Sales of Product or services begins

How much will I pay to have my products or service exhibited?
Getting you products online will be Free. But 10% commission will be paid on sale made on daily basis.

How do my customers pay me?
It depends on the delivery method choosen, if Africamums does the delivery on the vendors behalf, then Africamums will pay the vendor but if the vendor does the delivery, they will pay the 10%  commission to Africamums via our Momo Merchant Number 0248708970.

How will I know when I have a sale? notifies you by email or text message when you receive an order.

How much does it cost to ship items I sell?
Customer will be required to pay for the delivery fee. In cases where the client or seller has her own delivery people they will do it directly, if not, will assist by giving the client a delivery company to have their products get to their clients.

What about Gifts?
If a customer requires his/her item to be wrapped as a gift. It became the vendor’s responsibility to have it delivered in that manner.