1.Search for your preferred product/service by typing the name of the product/service in the search bar.

2.Or scroll through our categories on the home page and click the category that best describe the product/  services you are looking for.

3. Click “Add to cart” beneath the product/service on the products/service page.

4. Then click on “View Card” by the “Add to card” and view your cart to confirm your item. Adjust the item quantity  when need be and proceed to check out. Use the same procedure for multiple items. Just click on a View Cart by the last item and it will take you to cart with your items listed.

5. Then enter your billing address, your Shipping address, and payment method. If you have a coupon code, type it in  add  coupon slot. Remember to check the terms and conditions.

       6. Then click on place order to confirm your order

7. Click here to place your order.